UPDATE: July 10th 2016

The website is back up and running!!! I am really sorry for anyone who attempted to view the page and was denied entry! 

Sooooo... Where have I been? Well, my parents and I had gotten back on December 5th of 2015 from out 15 month trip through latin america! We were on two BMW Dualsport Motorcycles and visited 15 countries. If you have seen my facebook page of this blog, you have seen photos from our travels.(link below) Since we have been back I have met up with some of my photography friends exchanging ideas about different perspectives and angles. These tips have helped me to create images that I surprise myself with! I am really excited to share with all of you my collection of HDR photographs will should be live sometime this week :D. I am anxious to read all of your feedback on my facebook page and on here. 

See you guys soon!!!


-Jack Borden